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    Being hit by a drunk driver can throw your life into chaos. The trauma of the accident and the pain of your injuries may be only the beginning. As the medical bills pile up and the pressure from the insurance company increases, you may be overwhelmed with uncertainty about how to protect your interests. We can help you understand your case and get the compensation you deserve so you can get back to your life.

    Alex R. White, PLLC is a Personal Injury law firm with expertise in representing victims of drunk drivers. Drunk driving cases involve a unique set of legal issues and questions, and drunk driving victims need lawyers who have the specialized knowledge necessary to get a fair recovery. Our practice is staffed by knowledgeable, tenacious litigators with the drive and experience to fight until we get the results our clients deserve.

    Every year, millions of people make the irresponsible decision to drive drunk, putting the lives of innocent drivers at risk. Last year, thousands of people in Kentucky alone were injured in accidents caused by alcohol-impaired drivers. Accidents caused by drunk drivers frequently result in more serious injuries than other car accidents, meaning victims’ lives can be disrupted in significant, long-term ways. In addition to medical bills, victims of drunk drivers may have considerable pain and suffering, lost income due to inability to work, or may have lost the capacity to work in the future. We believe victims of drunk drivers deserve to be fairly compensated for all these life-altering losses.

    Insurance companies may pretend to be on your side when you’ve been hit by a drunk driver, but you should never forget that their interests are in their own profits. Despite the millions of dollars they spend on entertaining T.V. commercials, the insurance company is not your friend. In our years of experience representing victims drunk drivers, we have learned all the strategies and tricks insurance companies use to try to convince drunk driving victims to accept less than what they deserve, and we know what it takes to stop the games and get justice for our clients.

    The pain and anguish of being hit by a drunk driver is already more suffering than anyone should have to endure. Drunk driving victims shouldn’t have to navigate the complicated road to recovery alone. If you want a genuine advocate with the expertise and fighting spirit it takes to get the compensation you need and put this traumatic experience behind you, we are here to help.

    After I was hit by a drunk driver, I was swamped with medical bills and endless phone calls. I didn’t know whether the bill collectors and the insurance companies were trying to take advantage of me, and it was overwhelming. Once I hired Alex, he handled every bill and every phone call, and he kept fighting until he had maxed out both the drunk driver’s policy and my own underinsured motorist policy. I had no idea my case was worth so much. Because of Alex I was finally able to relax and move forward.

    -S.B., former client

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