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“Kentuckians are owed a duty of reasonable care from individuals and businesses that they encounter. When the negligence, recklessness or drunkenness of someone else breaches this duty causing a serious injury, our lawyers fight hard to make things right.”

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Nursing Home Abuse: How to Detect It and What You Can Do

Nursing HomeLeaving an aging loved one in the care of strangers is a scary thing to do, especially when thousands of elders each year do not receive adequate care.


Understaffed nursing homes can lead to injuries and poor quality of life for patients left unattended, or even abuse at the hands of the staff. Especially considering the incredibly high cost of elder care, there no excuse for a nursing home to get rich while neglecting its patients it may only view as profit centers.


According to the Nursing Home Abuse Center, signs of nursing home abuse include:

  • unusual bruising or bleeding
  • open wounds, bed sores or cuts
  • burns and abrasions
  • sudden and unexplained change in weight
  • soiling, poor hygiene and the smell of urine or feces
  • infections
  • loss of hair
  • torn, stained or bloody clothing or bedding


Suspicious behavior on the part of the nursing home staff may also be cause for concern. For example, if the staff denies or delays access to your loved one during regular visiting hours, or if a staff member refuses to leave the room during your visit, you may want to begin asking questions.


Less obvious signs of abuse may include:

  • listlessness or unresponsiveness
  • childishness or other strange behavior
  • physical or emotional withdrawal
  • personal items going missing
  • unusual financial transactions


If you suspect nursing home abuse, ensure the safety of your loved one, then consult AR White Law at 502.882.7552 and get aggressive representation for your family’s nursing home abuse claim.





Dog Bite Damages and Compensation

Dog Bite Warning SignDogs are great. We love dogs! But bad dogs -or good dogs with bad owners? That’s bad. No one likes that.


Suffering a dog bite is a painful and often traumatizing event. Fortunately, Kentucky law is designed to protect dog bite victims and hold the owner accountable.


When a dog bites a person in Kentucky, the injured party can collect full compensation from the owner’s homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, or from the dog owner himself, if he does not have insurance.


In this state, the dog owner is strictly liable for damage caused to any person, other dogs, livestock or other property by their dog.


The definition of dog owner in Kentucky can sometimes even mean a landlord who allows his tenants to keep dogs on their property.


In the case of dog bites, the law is very firmly on the side of the victim. But, without expertise on the issue, you may miss out on damages you didn’t know you could get.


Let AR White Law help with your case, and ensure you receive all the damages you deserve.




Understanding Product Liability Law and Damages

Power Strip Before FireDefective and dangerous products cause thousands of injuries in the United States each year. Product liability law is designed to hold manufacturers and sellers accountable for putting these products into the hands of consumers.


There are a number of causes on which to build a product liability claim, including:

  •  design or manufacturing defects
  •  failure to warn the consumer of dangerous products
  •  negligence
  •  breach of warranty


It’s not just household objects like toys and electronics that are covered under product liability law. Pharmaceuticals are also a common cause for litigation, typically under “failure to warn” claims, for failing to properly inform doctors and patients of inherent dangers in drugs. Even large objects, like cars, can be the subject of a product liability case; SUVs that are prone to roll over are a prime example.


Product liability law varies from state to state and can be difficult to understand. If you have been injured by a defective or dangerous product, you are likely eligible for damages. Let AR White Law help you understand your rights and get you the maximum settlement you deserve. Consultation on all cases is free of charge.

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